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Build your wedding band

Gent’s Rings

1.02 Ct  I-SI1

GIA -14kt Gold

Retail $7805

Sale $3445

1.02 Ct

Three stone Queen's Engagement Ring

We will Design and Manufacture any style of solitaire with any Shape and Size of Diamond at the manufacturer's price to you with 100% money back guarantee.

Major Online Jewelry Company price $1400 ( Mounting only-Ctr diamond excluded ) Platinum-Side diamonds .15 Ct

 Our Price $750

Your manufacturing Cost $750 (Center diamond sold separately)

Platinum, .15-.18 Ct. GH-VS      

Compare and save 42% on Engagement Rings with same or better quality of diamonds- 100% money back guarantee.

Their Sale Prices $3221

Our Prices $1853

Our Design- Same look with better feel and lifetime guarantee . Saves 42%

Our ring videos

Our design has different features yet similar looks than the one being sold by a major online Jewelry Retailer. Our ring shank is thicker yet sleek looking, our diamond settings on side diamonds is guaranteed for life and no need to buy expensive insurance.

1) With Interior Comfort Air Shank comes with lifetime guarantee.

2) Standard Shank with better bottom shank thickness.

Ours-Same look but better quality of manufacturing.

Build three stone ring-Cool-Comfort-Fit-Shank

Build three stone ring Standard Shank

Design your three stone ring-Save over 42%%

14Kt-18Kt-Platinum-Comfort Air Interior or plain inside Option-Size of Diamonds

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Send us a request and we will customize and send you your price along with the video of your design.

Any Style-Send us an Image-Picture-Idea

We do not copy trademarked and copyrighted designs of another designer-

We will create a design using our own design elements when you send us a design that inspires you and provide you with finished look images  for your approval- you save 42% or more

I Ct I-SI1 GIA-EGL Cert $2550

Diamond Import price-Wire transfer price-

World’s most comfortable Gold and Platinum Wedding Bands

Save 40% Plus

World’s most  comfortable Solitaire Diamond ring by AccuFine Jewelry Designs.

Custom Designing using CAD technology and Hand fabrication since 1997- We started the innovative technology back then and trained many jewelry firms, now this technology is used by all jewelry designers across the board. We use own proprietary very powerful "Jewelworks software" along with other Jewelry CAD designing tools .
No body does it better, no body can...

Jewelry Custom Designing with Finest 3D printing technology  in the world  – The idea is to  fully utilize yours and ours creativity in perfect Jewelry Designing and save over 42%- not simply mix and match settings of various diamonds set in settings placed over same boring mountings- At your request we will send you the actual 3D printed model , developed on the finest 3D Jewelry builder in the world. Once approved, we will manufacture in 14Kt, 18Kt or Platinum with selected Gemstones. Master Jewelry Designing, knowhow of every minute details makes perfect manufacturing.

You will save up to42%  vs buying finished Engagement Rings and other designs offerred for sale by other firms online and in stores. Our Custom Designing comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Manufactured in USA
Guaranteed quality and prices

Will we copy a setting created by a designer that is copyrighted or protected by trademark?

We will not copy other Artist’s jewelry design that is trademarked and copyrighted-

There are countless Jewelry articles which are generic in nature and styles and as long as those articles did not qualify for trademark and not copyrighted, and if it is with in your right to have any jeweler create an article to fit your need, then it is with in your right for you to have that article created and even modified.

We will create a design specifically for you that inspires you with creative enhancements to fulfill your right to have it manufactured for you at our facility at manufacturing price which is at an average saving of 42% or more. We will offer alternative suggestions to enhance your design  by adding our own creative elements and send the finished look images of the article for your approval.

Our designing process is revolutionary and involves our own creativity in developing the style you desire based on your sketch, idea or a picture.

We use our own proprietary software “Jewelworks” in conjunction with other jewelry designing software that are widely used by all Jewelry Designers in today’s market.

The difference is we started the Jewelry Designing Software technology in USA in 1998. And we are far ahead in the designing and manufacturing than others.

We had even sold our software design elements to Tiffany & Company as well as many other designers during 1998-2002.

Jewelry designing has been revolutionized by the advent of Jewelry Designing software. Every Jewelry designer and manufacturer now uses the jewelry Designing  software in creating their jewelry. We started it and we are ahead of the curve as what we have is far superior designing capabilities than others. 




Comfort Air Interior

Double diamond band, Low halo setting available in
Comfort air interior, Platinum or Gold

Floating Halo , two tone or one color Gold or Platinum

Three stone Queen's Engagement Ring

Get your Diamond Quote - smart shoppers can save 40%

Diamond Manufacturer's Discount

Thousands of GIA Certified Diamonds at a great Discount
Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide shipping

Innovation in Designs

Comfort Air Interior

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Shop any Shape, Size, Quality - Smart Shoppers will only pay Import cost plus a small fee on certified diamonds. Wire transfer fund only for this offer.

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