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The story Behind our Designs


The original Patel Jewelry store was started by us in 1978 in Lakewood, Ca. We turned Retail into manufacturing. Later in 1998 we became the first Jewelry company to start 3D CAD Designing and 3D printing and manufacturing. After designing for many jewelry Companies and designers as well as training many jewelers with our own developed 3D Jewelry. Over two decades we have mastered the art of Hi-Tech Jewelry designing and manufacturing- What we started is now being utilized by all designers and manufacturing  jewelry companies around the world. We not only use specialized jewelry Designing software currently being employed by majority of top Jewelry Designers, we have combined our own proprietary “Jewelworks” software to enhance our capabilities beyond expectation. we created this online store to share our exquisite designs with the whole world! All of our products under “ACCUFINE” brand are designed and manufactured in our local facility. What we design and manufacture, will be cherished forever.

Original Cera Brand Tableware & Decor

Our Mission