We Design and Manufacture any Halo Engagement Ring, with any size, shape and quality  of center Diamond or Gemstone at 42% savings over other online and instore jewelry retailers’ sales or discounted price- We do it as we import diamonds that are GIA rated – We have all in one facility where we create 3D Designs-then using highest technology we create 3D model from our advanced 3D printer- the model is casted in desired Gold Color and Carat as well as Platinum-Our diamond setters  completes the setting using microscope for precise setting gems into precisely manufactured design-our polishing and finishing department completes the final touch-our quality control department inspects every aspect of the manufactured article. This eliminates all middle-man as well as guesswork out of our production of designs. Hence, we provide 30 days 100% money back guarantee on all our manufactured articles. You will save 42% or more when we design and manufactured your Halo ring.