6x4 MM Pear Faceted A Tanzanite. Item #ACC107209

Gemstone Tanzanite


6x4 MM Pear Faceted A Tanzanite. Item #ACC107209

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Pear Faceted AA Tanzanite.


Weight: 0.45 CT
Color: Blue, Purple
Selling Unit of Measure: ct
Gemstone Quality: A
Gemstone Quality Description: Medium light bluish purple, little or no color zoning; eye clean; good brilliance; good cut; good polish
Stone Enhancement Code: H
Month for Birthstone: December
Stone Hardness: 6-7
Gem Species: Zoisite
Stone RI: 1.691-1.700
Stone Specific Gravity: 3.35
Stone Optic Character: DR
Stone Phenomena: Chatoyancy (rare)
Stone Ultrasonic Reaction: Never use
Steamer Reaction: Never use
Heat Reaction: Very Poor – fuses easily, sudden temperature change may cause cracking
Chemical Reaction: Hydrofluoric and hydrochloric acid
Major Sources: Tanzania
mm Size: 6 x 4