Customize Three stone Rings

Ay style, Any shape and size of Diamonds (GIA and other Lab Certified) and Gemstones

Designed & Manufactured

Save over 46%
$ 6750
  • 1 Ct Center Diamond I-SI1 GIA
  • 2 Side Diamonds=1.Ct TW G-VS
  • Side Diamonds .30 Ct and Mounting in Platinum

Send us your request for a quote for the style and size of diamonds or Gemstones as well as metal option you desire.

How Retailers and Online and instore companies price their Jewelry

  1. Jewelry Retailers and marketers purchase their rings( without center Diamond which they purchase separately and offer you with design your ring marketing program- which is usually their existing rings they purchase from various vendors and superimpose the image of various diamonds) from Wholesalers, Manufacturers or Designer companies.
  2. They markup enough that after their Discounted  final price to you provides enough profit to cover their overhead ( Salary of CEO and Executives, Stockholder’s profit, store’s overhead including Rent or huge ad campaign on online and master marketing strategy , Salaries and commissions, Manager’s bonus and salary, Stocking Inventory expense on investment, Taxes, Insurance, Heavy advertising expenses usually 10% of their sales, Heavy Marketing team expenses) all these must be added as a factor to the purchase price ( Usually 30-40% just to cover overhead) from Wholesalers, Designer, manufacturers.
  3. So if an article cost them say $1350 from the manufacturer, they will have to add an average of 35% which is considered their cost-at this time the total cost in their inventory of that article is $1822 they will price it at 3 to 4 times depending on their display pricing policy-if they provide seasonal or other discount-So the selling price as displayed on their price tag is $5466 and then after maximum sales discount of 60% your cost for the ring without the center diamond is $2160 if you are lucky enough to get that discount. Usually from varieties of manufacturers prices they will offer 40 to 60% off and from the top designer article they will not offer any discount.
  4. Our Manufacturing selling price will be $1252 which will be less than the manufacturing price offer to these companies-
  5. Why? The manufacturers must provide terms of credit to these Retailers and they have to mark up for that additional service they provide and secondly we are the Designer-and Manufacturer- we do not provide terms or financing to you so we don’t even have to put additional charges to cover such expenses which is usually 10% of the price.
  6. Their Price to you without the center diamond $2160-$4200

How we price our Jewelry

Your Cost when we Design and Manufacture=$1250

Here is why and how-

  1. We Design and Manufacture – We are the first firm to start innovation in 3D Designing and 3D printing in 1997, now the technology is widely used by all Jewelry Designers and Manufacturers. We use our proprietary software in jewelry designing  “Solidworks” in conjunction with other software, making us the most resourceful Jewelry designing company anywhere.
  2. We only charge you the finished article’s price of Gold plus labor at the standard rate as we charge to Jewelry Companies.
  3. We will purchase diamonds from cutting factories from around the world in open market at the best price and offer the savings to you.
  4. We will inspect each diamond for its quality before we set them in your Jewelry article.
  5. We provide lifetime guarantee on loss of small diamonds of (o.15 Carat of less) from setting under normal wear and tear.
  6. Our Designing and manufacturing is guaranteed-if for any reason you are not satisfied you can return for a full refund with in 7 days of shipping from our factory.
  7.  Your cost when we Design and Manufacture $1252 vs $2160-5400 by others in example exhibited on left.
  8. You save 42% over their final Sale price as an average savings when we Design and Manufacture with similar or better quality of Diamonds and Gold or Platinum.